How to maintain the menstrual swimsuit?

1st step: pre-wash

- Rinse by hand under water at room temperature (15 to 20°C) by gently squeezing the swimsuit. Do not twist it to wring it out.

- Rub it gently with organic soap, do not use a brush.

*do not use black soap, Marseille soap or Aleppo soap.

2nd step: washing

- Add the swimsuit with the rest of the laundry to the washing machine.

- Wash it at 30°C maximum, in a net with preferably an ecological detergent.

- Let it air dry, do not tumble dry.

It is better to avoid the fabric softener, the dryer or the iron which may damage the absorption efficiency.

3rd step: drying

- Once your jersey comes out of the machine, this is the last step to properly maintain your jersey.

- Let it air dry, do not tumble dry.

From now on, you can reuse your menstrual swimsuit as many times as you want!

When should I use my menstrual swimsuit?

The menstrual swimsuit is ideal for a beach or pool day:

- alone, to prevent menstruation

- alone, on very light flow days (at the very beginning and at the end of menstruation)

- in addition to internal protection such as a menstrual cup or organic tampon.

Depending on your flow, wear the swimsuit and avoid keeping it on for more than 8 hours.