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Sorio® 1-Piece Menstrual Swimsuit for Teens - Lola

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Description Teen Lola swimsuit

The 1-piece menstrual swimsuit for teenage girls from Sorio

The Lola one-piece menstrual swimsuit model is specially designed for teenagers aged 12 to 16 .

It adapts perfectly to all body types and accompanies them both to the beach and to swimming lessons. Thanks to this swimsuit, your teenager will no longer miss swimming lessons or relaxing time at the beach because of their period. She will be free to move as much as she wants without worrying about leaks.

The menstrual swimsuit has for several years allowed women to be freed from sanitary protection and now thanks to Sorio, it is your teenage daughter who is freed from it.

What are the benefits of a 1-piece menstrual swimsuit for teenage girls?

Your teenager has just had her first period , and you know how the period she is entering will not be easy for her. Between hormonal changes, the start of irregular periods and the transformation of their body, teenage girls ask themselves a lot of questions and discover a lot of problems.

This is why at Sorio we have developed a one-piece menstrual swimsuit specially designed for teenage girls, with the promise of:

  • perfect for their first period
  • to eliminate all risks of leaks
  • to remain discreet and comfortable throughout the day
  • suitable for light to moderate flows

This way, every teenager will be able to start their menstrual life with a little less hassle.

The Lola model, synonymous with comfort and protection

Optimized to provide a stress-free experience for teens during their periods, our one-piece menstrual swimsuit features cutting-edge absorbent technology . This technology allows them to feel comfortable and safe throughout the day.
Effective in and out of the water , teenage girls can wear it whether going swimming, going to the beach, beachcombing or sunbathing. All without having to worry about leaks or embarrassing accidents thanks to its 8 hours of protection .

In addition, the absorbent technology of the one-piece menstrual swimsuit provides an antibacterial and soft layer to provide maximum comfort for adolescent girls. So comfortable she'll probably want to wear it all the time. That's good, the Lola menstrual one-piece swimsuit can be worn during the period, for prevention, or at any time. Yes, menstrual swimsuits adapt perfectly to all situations, because above all, it is a swimsuit.

Forget disposable and uncomfortable sanitary protection and opt for Sorio, your new partner for peace of mind!

Lola, the one-piece menstrual swimsuit for teenagers

Sorio has thought of everyone with its line of menstrual swimsuits for teenage girls . It's only been a short time since period swimsuits have flooded the market, but we had to wait until now to finally be able to offer a one-piece period swimsuit suitable for teenage girls . A big step for their menstrual comfort.

The timeless look and foolproof technology of the Lola menstrual swimsuit give them unparalleled peace of mind. Swim freely!


Main fabric: 75% Nylon, 25% Spandex.

Lining: 100% polyester

Middle: 75% bamboo fiber, 25% polyester - Breathable TPU

Designed in France 🇫🇷


1st step: pre-wash

Rinse by hand under water at room temperature (15 to 20°C). Do not twist it to wring it out.

Rub it gently with soap, do not use a brush.

2nd step: washing

Add the swimsuit with the rest of the laundry to the washing machine.

Wash it at 30°C maximum, in a net with preferably an ecological detergent.

Let it air dry, do not tumble dry.


We offer a delivery service that meets your expectations. You have the choice of delivery when paying.

With express delivery, you can be delivered within 48 hours . (France)

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We offer a delivery service for overseas countries and Europe.

Free Return 30 days

We offer you a 30-day money back guarantee.

Returns are free for orders delivered in France and Europe.

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Sorio® 1-Piece Menstrual Swimsuit for Teens - Lola

The swimsuit that changes the rules

  • Zero Leak Guarantee

  • No more tampons

  • Ultra Absorbent

  • Light to Moderate Flow

  • Discreet

  • Anti UV and Anti Chlorine

  • Absolute Comfort for your Teen

  • Anti Bacterial

Sorio, much more than a swimsuit.

Sorio takes care of your comfort during your period, that's a fact.

But that's not all.

By choosing Sorio you directly contribute to the preservation of marine biodiversity.

The Sorio brand is proud to be a member of the 1% For The Planet associative collective .

Services and Warranties

  • 24h delivery

    With Chronopost Express

  • Free Return 30 days

    Satisfied or refunded.

  • Zero tolerance

    0 leaks, 0 odors, 0 waste.

  • Committed brand

    Marine biodiversity.