The Sorio Universe

Why a swimsuit for the rules?

We could have made simple jerseys, but at Sorio, we like the challenge!

We manufacture special period swimsuits for your summer menstrual comfort.

Now, with Sorio, there's no need to deprive yourself of a swim in the sea or in the pool when you have your menstrual period!

Why is sorio a committed brand?

At Sorio, we are personally very concerned about the environment.

We love outdoor activities, underwater activities, simply enjoying the great outdoors and nature.

Mother nature offers us a fabulous spectacle, so it was logical for us that our creations be in our image. And honestly we didn't even ask ourselves the question, it's so obvious.

It is for this reason that we are proud members of 1% for the planet.

We thus support associations that work daily to preserve marine biodiversity.

What associations do you support?

The Sorio brand is a member of 1% FOR THE PLANET, an organization that brings together a multitude of associations committed to the planet. Their field of action is wide and varied.

As a swimwear manufacturer, it goes without saying, we support associations that fight for the preservation of marine biodiversity such as CoralGuardian .

Sorio products

Are menstrual swimwear really effective in water and during menstruation?

Yes, they are effective, very effective, you will be surprised.

Our menstrual swimsuits are specially designed for use in water, and even in water there is no risk of leakage.

Their absorption capacity is equivalent to 3 tampons (or sanitary napkins). Additional protection may be necessary in case of heavy flow.

For light to medium flows, there is no risk of blood leaking into the water or down your legs for up to 8 hours .

Is there a risk that the jersey will absorb water?

Nope ! We have obviously studied it well!

Indeed, the fourth impermeable layer constitutes a barrier between the blood and the external water: the blood remains contained in the absorbent layer and the protection does not absorb the water.

Thus, there is no risk that the crotch part will swell in the water.

As we told you, we have studied it well :)

What is the difference between medium and heavy flow?

It's simple, to know your flow you just need to know the name of tampons that are necessary during your menstrual periods.

Medium flow equals up to 3 pads and heavy flow up to 5 pads.

Is the menstrual swimsuit suitable for all flows?

Yes, you can use the menstrual swimsuit regardless of your flow.

On the other hand, it is strongly advised to use additional protection in the event of abundant flow.

Are menstrual swimsuits suitable for teenage girls?

Absolutely !

We have thought of all women and young women!

Menstrual swimsuits for teens are ideal for the first period.

Find the whole collection of special rule swimsuits for teenage girls HERE .

Our services

What are the delivery times ?

Your packages are processed and shipped within 24 hours (working days)

The customer has the choice of delivery when paying.

With EXPRESS delivery, you can be delivered in 24h-72h only!

Find all the delivery conditions HERE .

can i track my delivery?

Within 24 hours after your order, the tracking number associated with your package will be sent to you by email.

You will be able to follow its delivery in real time!

Do you accept returns?

Absolutely !

If your item is not suitable, you have 30 days to return it to us, from the date of order.

You can consult our return conditions on this page .

How to make a return?

If you wish to make a return, we invite you to submit your return request by email to

We will send you the instructions for your return within 24 hours of your request.

What are the return conditions?

We accept returns 30 days after your order date.

We accept returns as long as the menstrual suits have not been used.

We tolerate that they have been worn to try on the size provided that you have taken care to put protection at the level of the crotch. It's a question of hygiene.

Returns for refund or exchange are the responsibility of the customer.

To request a return, we invite you to contact us at the following address:

Please see our return and refund policy on this page .

We have not answered all your questions?

We invite you to contact us by email at the address below. Our customer service will answer you as soon as possible.