How to go to the swimming pool with your period even without wearing a tampon?

Missing swimming lessons while on your period can be seen as a godsend for some, while others regret not being able to do an activity they love. But when you don't want to use disposable sanitary protection like tampons, how can you go to the swimming pool without tampons ?

Going to the pool during your period requires a minimum of organization , but it is not impossible. We have some tips so that you can enjoy the water peacefully, even during your period.

Can you go in the water when you have your period?

The question arises from the appearance of the first period . The first question that comes to a teenager's mind is often whether she can go to the beach or the swimming pool when she has her period. Whether for swimming lessons at school, weekends with friends at the seaside, or simply for your passion for water sports, it is natural to ask yourself this question.

The answer is yes , of course! Your life doesn't have to stop as soon as you get your period. Top athletes don't miss a competition because of their period. However, some precaution and organization are required.

You will need to use hygienic protections and solutions adapted to your flow to avoid leaks and embarrassing situations!

Swimming during your period, a question that depends on each person!

The relationship with water depends on each person. Some find pleasure in practicing sport there and others like to relax there and savor the relaxation it provides. But during your menstrual periods, your body is disturbed, so listen to yourself.

If you feel tired or heavy, it is better to refrain from certain sporting activities. They generally require a lot of energy . If you lack it from the start, you risk burning out.

Conversely, water can help you relax and ease your period pain. So, you will need to adapt your sports practice to your condition . Swimming or aquafitness can be a gentle activity if you don't want to be inactive during your period.

The best thing is to listen to yourself and not force it if you don't want to. Over time, every woman will learn to know her body . This way, you will know whether or not you are able to go to the swimming pool during your period. How you feel can vary from month to month, and even throughout your life.

What protection should I use when going to the swimming pool during my period?

You want to go swimming during your menstrual period, but you can't stand tampons anymore, so what should you do? Rest assured, there are many solutions!

Forget external protection to go to the swimming pool during your period

Sanitary towels are not suitable for the swimming pool . They become full of water and no longer retain your flow. Additionally, even if your flow is very weak, moving through the water with waterlogged sanitary protection is really not comfortable.

However, if you spend time sunbathing by the water, you can wear period panties during these relaxing moments. Because going to the pool does not always mean swimming. Likewise, if you just want to enjoy the edges of the pool, a reusable external hygienic protection will suffice.

Try the menstrual swimsuit to go to the pool during your period

Period swimsuits are starting to appear on the market. With the development of their absorption technology , menstrual swimsuits are now suitable for all flows.

You can wear them from the start to the end of your period. If you're worried about your period starting while you're in the water, period swimwear is also effective and discreet preventive protection.

However, if you have a heavy flow and you are afraid that the menstrual swimsuit will not work, you can supplement your protection with a menstrual cup. But the interest therefore seems relatively limited, you will need to choose a menstrual swimsuit adapted to your flow to swim with complete confidence.

The menstrual swimsuit is becoming a real must-have, because it has the same absorption power as menstrual panties while remaining waterproof.

How to go to the swimming pool during your period without protection?

We all thought one day: “What if I went to the swimming pool on my period without sanitary protection?”. To do this, you need to understand fluid dynamics!

Popular belief is that your period stops when you're in the water. It's wrong ! However, the pressure of the water while you bathe prevents blood from flowing. You notice the same phenomenon in your bath. However, during physical exertion, your muscles contract and you may experience a leak.

Know your body and how it works

Bathing on your period without a tampon, menstrual cup or menstrual swimsuit requires knowing your body well, especially how it functions when you get out of the water. If you know how to practice free instinctive flow (FIL), you can try the experiment at the beach first. It will be easier for you to deal with a leak without anyone around.

When you are in the water, your period is not a problem, but be careful when going out. This is when your vagina returns to a pressure-free environment and the accumulated blood flows out. Ideally, experiment on days when your flow is reduced . Less stressed, the experience will undoubtedly be more conclusive.

This zero waste solution depends on your self-confidence, knowledge and ability to manage your body.

In conclusion, going to the swimming pool during your period without using tampons is completely doable with a little organization and the right knowledge about your own body. It is important to understand that everyone has a different relationship with water during this time. There are several options for going to the pool without tampons, including reusable sanitary products like menstrual cups or menstrual swimsuits . Or even, the free instinctive flow to bathe during your period without protection. But this requires a certain amount of self-confidence and good flow management.

Ultimately, whether for fun, exercise, or relaxation, going to the pool on your period without tampons is a matter of personal choice and individual comfort. The main thing is to find the solution that best suits each person, listening to your body and taking the necessary precautions to fully enjoy the water, even during this time of the month.

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