How to get through your pregnancy well in summer?

Every woman experiences her pregnancy differently. Whether it is your first or your 3rd pregnancy, whether you are in your 3rd or your 7th month of pregnancy, when summer arrives pregnant women encounter certain difficulties. But nothing insurmountable, rest assured. With our few tips, we hope to help you experience your pregnancy better in summer . 🌞🤰🏻

What difficulties can you encounter during a pregnancy in summer?

In summer, temperatures rise, and for a mother-to-be, enduring the heat becomes a real ordeal. The body during pregnancy already produces more heat than normal, which makes the already high temperatures even more intense and stressful for pregnant women.

The first trimester of pregnancy is often marked by nausea and vomiting, and the heat only accentuates these unpleasant setbacks.

With this heat comes profuse sweating. Pregnant women must therefore be extra vigilant to maintain their hydration level . In the event of dehydration, blood circulation can be impaired, causing feelings of heavy legs or even varicose veins for expectant mothers. In addition, in the event of dehydration , women more easily develop urinary infections , which are already very common during pregnancy.

Summer heat also disrupts pregnant women's sleep , which can lead to restless nights and insomnia. However, quality rest is essential for the health and well-being of the future mother and her baby.

In short, although summer is synonymous with vacation and relaxation, the summer heat can be a delicate time for pregnant women. It is therefore crucial to take precautions and adopt new habits to best live this season in the most peaceful way possible. Hydrate yourself and rest cool to limit heat-related discomfort and enjoy your pregnancy in summer. ☀️🌊

Our advice to help you get through your pregnancy in summer

There are many ways to prevent and relieve the various discomforts felt by pregnant women during the summer . Here are our different tips for making the most of this period:

  • Have good hydration
  • Adapt your wardrobe
  • Rest
  • Take care of yourself
  • Have continuous medical monitoring
  • Go on vacation and swim

We'll tell you a little more 😉👇🏻

Stay well hydrated during your pregnancy

In summer, the heat can quickly lead to dehydration, which is particularly risky for pregnant women. Make sure you drink 1 to 2 liters of water per day.

To hydrate yourself, choose plain or slightly lemony water. Sugary and carbonated drinks can increase dehydration. These drinks can cause blood sugar levels to rise.

So whether you're at home, at work or on the go, keep a bottle of water nearby to hydrate yourself regularly.

Adapt your wardrobe to high temperatures

It goes without saying that you wouldn't wear a turtleneck in summer, but did you know that certain materials help you withstand the heat better by allowing your skin to breathe?

Wearing loose, comfortable clothing made from natural materials promotes better air circulation. By choosing materials like cotton or linen, you will allow your skin to breathe, which will help you stay fresh and comfortable throughout the day.

Additionally, during pregnancy, your feet may swell from fluid retention, so be sure to wear flat, comfortable shoes to promote blood circulation .

Rest !

With the hot weather, you may feel more tired, especially if you are more than 5 months pregnant. Consider taking naps regularly , especially if you have trouble sleeping and if you experience insomnia due to the heat.

While you sleep, your body produces different hormones like progesterone, estrogen and relaxin, which help relieve muscle tension and help your baby develop properly .

Progesterone helps pregnant women maintain the uterine lining and prevent miscarriage. It also has a relaxing effect on the body, which can help improve sleep.
Estrogens, on the other hand, help the growth of the placenta and fetus. They can also have a positive effect on mood and energy.
Finally, relaxin helps relax ligaments and muscles, which helps relieve muscle tension and ligament pain.

Your body has superpowers, especially when you're pregnant, so trust it to help you cope with the summer heat.

Take care of yourself

Pamper yourself during your pregnancy by considering a relaxing spa massage. These moments of relaxation can be particularly beneficial in relieving discomfort linked to summer heat. A massage can help ease muscle tension and reduce stress related to your pregnancy. If you are worried about having minor inconveniences, such as urinary leakage or bleeding, equip yourself with a menstrual swimsuit .

Remember to consult your healthcare professional before planning any activities, but remember that taking time for yourself is essential for your well-being during this special time in your life.

Maintain regular medical monitoring

When summer arrives, vacation departures are imminent, however, it is necessary to maintain regular medical monitoring throughout your pregnancy . So if you are about to go on vacation, make arrangements with your doctor and midwife to set up remote monitoring.

Go on vacation and swim

Depending on the period of your pregnancy, adapt your destination and the way to get there. In particular, avoid long-haul flights ✈️ or hot destinations 🌴 during your last months of pregnancy. However, it is important to take time to decompress and take time for yourself, especially during your pregnancy. So, take advantage of your vacation to have a good time and relax.

To fully relax, enjoy moments of relaxation in the water. This will allow you to relax your muscles and refresh yourself. To enjoy the water peacefully without fear of inconvenience, opt for a menstrual swimsuit . It will absorb any leaks whether you are in or out of the water, while providing the same comfort as a traditional swimsuit.

Every woman is different, as is every pregnancy, so it's important to trust your body. If you feel something is wrong, call your doctor. By following these simple tips and listening to your body, you will be able to experience your summer pregnancy more peacefully and fully enjoy this special period of your life. 🤰

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