Inspiring stories of women in period swimsuits

Why choose a menstrual swimsuit?

Inspiring stories: they have already tested and validated the period swimsuit.

There are many inspiring stories of women who have chosen to use period swimwear during their periods. It's an accepted choice to feel comfortable and more serene, while enjoying their favorite aquatic activities, during their menstrual period.

The menstrual swimsuit for swimming.

One such woman is Sarah, a semi-professional swimmer who started using period swimsuits a few years ago. She said she felt much more comfortable and calm when swimming during her period thanks to these swimsuits. Sarah also clarified that the period swimsuits allowed her to continue training normally without having to worry about leaks or bad odor and that the period swimsuit had no impact on her performance in a pool.

The menstrual swimsuit for surfing.

Another inspiring woman is Emma, ​​who is a passionate surfer living on the Landes coast. She said she was often bothered by traditional sanitary protection when surfing, leaving her feeling uncomfortable after several minutes in the water. When she discovered swimsuits Sorio , it was a real revelation. She particularly loved the extreme comfort and fullness that this swimsuit could give her. No more worrying about a possible leak during your period. And above all, no more tampons and towels! According to her, it is the best option for all women who do not want to take care of their body and also the planet.

The menstrual swimsuit for triathlon.

There's also Rachel, a triathlete who decided to use menstrual swimsuits for her competitions. One more woman won over by period swimsuits. She said these suits allowed her to focus on her performance without worrying about leaks, bad odors or even discomfort. She also said she was very surprised by how absorbent her new swimsuit was. After several years of use, she has also made significant savings on tampons and napkins. Today, she will not go back to her old habits.

The menstrual swimsuit for diving.

Finally, there's Jane, a professional diver who finally got into period swimwear for her period, after a long period of hesitation. She was hesitant because, like many women who were not familiar with this solution, she was afraid that these swimsuits would not be effective enough for her moderate flow and adapted to her sporting activity. After several months of testing, she will not go back, she has been filled by the swimsuits for the rules, both on on the level of absorption and comfort as well as on the economic and ecological level.

The menstrual swimsuit, a solution adapted to all circumstances.

These inspiring stories show that period swimwear can offer a practical and comfortable solution for women looking to continue enjoying their favorite sport while on their period. Certainly the best economical and ecological solution for being comfortable in the water during your period.

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