Our values

  • 1. Committed to the planet

    Member of 1% for the planet.

  • 2. At the service of women

    And their menstrual comfort.

  • 3. Listening to you

    Every moment.

  • 4. Quality first

    Premium quality ethical swimwear.

Much more than a period swimsuit.

Because choosing Sorio means supporting associations that work to preserve marine biodiversity.

Sorio and proud of it!

Menstrual swimsuits are a revolution. Sorio is more than just a swimsuit. It gives you the freedom to bathe whenever you want, even during menstruation.

Sorio is also and above all a brand committed to the preservation and reproduction of coral reefs!

On a personal level, we are concerned about our environment and Sorio is just as much, naturally.

The SORIO brand is a member of 1% for the Planet and as such donates 1% of its turnover to environmental associations.

We have chosen and selected associations that work to preserve our oceans. Coral Guardian is one of them.

But also...

Sorio is associated with Shopify Planet.

With Shopify Planet, we fund businesses that test, transform, and commercialize climate solutions for massive, long-term impact.

That's how we provide critical funding to these companies to help them progress to removing massive amounts of carbon from the atmosphere.