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Swim with complete peace of mind, even during menstruation.

Innovative and revolutionary, no need to ask yourself the question "I'm going or I'm not going?"

Simply enjoy.

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Period swimwear revolutionizes your period

  • Your best summer friend

    In fact, you no longer need to search far and wide for public toilets or a friendly restaurant owner who will be kind enough to let you use their toilets. Thanks to menstrual swimsuits , you free your mind from all these worries. What do you have to do? Put it on, enjoy your day at the beach or pool, sunbathe and swim again and again, then get dressed, go to eat at a restaurant, in short a day as if you didn't have your period . Tempting isn't it?

  • Sorio menstrual swimsuits

    At Sorio, we are committed to supporting women and young girls by offering menstrual swimwear using discreet and reliable technology . To allow you to enjoy the little joys of life. All our menstrual swimsuits are OEKO-TEX standard 100 certified and include an anti-bacterial layer to protect your flora.

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  • Anti-Leak

  • Ultra Absorbent

  • Satisfied or Satisfied

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4 thin waterproof & absorbent layers

Serene, even in the water.


For Women and Teens

A timeless style at the service of your period.


Menstrual comfort

In all circumstances.

At the sea or at the swimming pool

By the sea or by the pool

No need for additional protection


Committed to the oceans

We have chosen to engage with associations that fight to preserve marine biodiversity, so precious to us.

Thus, supporting our project means participating in the preservation of this magnificent ecosystem.

The Sorio brand is a proud member of 1% For The Planet.

Who are we?

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frequently asked Questions

Who is the period swimsuit for?

Our swimsuits are aimed at women, teenagers and young girls. We offer swimwear from XXS to XXL.

How does the menstrual swimsuit work?

4 layers make up the crotch of the menstrual swimsuit.

- The first layer or inner part is called comfort zone for its softness, it is also antibacterial.

- The second layer is a honeycombed part , breathable, which allows blood to pass and allows you to stay dry.

- The third layer of fabric is absorbent , it is the part that captures and channels the blood.

- The outer layer, fourth and last layer is the waterproof part that prevents water from entering and the menstrual flow from leaving the swimsuit.

When to use the menstrual swimsuit?

You can use and wear the menstrual swimsuit during your period , to prevent your period, in a postpartum situation or simply during every bathing moment. You will appreciate its comfort and you will not want to leave it!

Is the special menstruation swimsuit suitable for teenagers and young girls?

Absolutely !

We have obviously thought of young girls and their first period , you can find our entire collection of menstrual swimsuits for teens here .


It's well known that periods never come at the right time and it can be frustrating to miss a swim at the beach or in the pool .

And for those who choose to wear a tampon to bathe, it's never very comfortable.

To avoid these little hassles, we have designed menstruation swimsuits, you can swim freely during your period without needing to add additional protection.

You can wear your special rule swimsuit in any type of water (at the sea, in the pool, lakes or oceans, any aquatic activity).

And if you want a moment of absolute relaxation, in a jacuzzi, hammam or sauna, no problem, your period swimsuit fits everywhere!

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  • Zero tolerance

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  • Committed brand

    For marine biodiversity.