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collection maillot de bain menstruel ado

Collection: Teen Period Swimsuit

What is a teen period swimsuit?

It's simple, a period swimsuit is, as its name suggests, a swimsuit specially designed for bathing during your period.

Thanks to its 4 ultra thin and absorbent layers, the blood is absorbed and maintained in the fabric. The materials used for this protection have been studied so that the fabric does not swell in water, and blood cannot pass through. Since the outer fabric is waterproof, water cannot enter your swimsuit either.

You can wear your special rule swimsuit in any type of water (at the sea, in the pool, lakes or oceans).

And if you want a moment of absolute relaxation in a jacuzzi, hammam or sauna, no problem, your period suit fits everywhere!

 How it works ?

  1. The first layer or inner part is called the comfort zone for its softness, it is also antibacterial .

  2. The second layer is a dimpled part , breathable, which allows blood to pass and allows you to stay dry.

  3. The third layer of fabric is absorbent , it is the part that captures and channels the blood.

  4. The outer layer, fourth and last layer is the waterproof part that prevents water from entering and the menstrual flow from leaving the swimsuit.

The advantages of Sorio period swimsuits for teens:

Menstruation swimsuits have many advantages and here are seven that we have selected for you:

1. Perfect protection in the water!

They are a real protection at the beach, among other things, imagine being able to bathe serenely, without worrying about the risk of leakage, during your menstrual period.

A 100% waterproof swimsuit that retains blood flow, you dreamed it, we designed it for you!

Waterproof swimsuits allow you to be sexy at the beach and feel good, with effective protection, enjoy the sun with peace of mind.

2. Discreet absorbent part

Periodic swimsuits have a very absorbent lining which has the merit of being very discreet. This makes it difficult to notice that you are wearing a bathing suit for your period.

No need for extra sanitary protection, so you avoid that horrible feeling of the tampon filling up with water once you are in the water.

3. No more unpleasant surprises

If you have unpredictable periods, it is recommended to have at least one or two special period swimsuits to protect you from any unpleasant surprises once in the water. I let you imagine.

4. Suitable for competition

Your period never comes at the right time, it is well known, if you are an athlete or you practice swimming, the swimsuit for menstruation will adapt perfectly to use for competition.

It's not your rules that will prevent you from winning the gold medal!

More generally, the menstrual swimsuit for teens is perfect for school swimming outings. Swimming is a popular sport at school and it is perfectly embarrassing for a young girl to attend a swimming lesson during her first period. That's why teen period swimsuits are the solution to her problems.

5. Perfect for tweens

If you have a young daughter, you should know that the periodic swimsuit is perfect to avoid any very embarrassing situation during pool parties with your friends, a trip to the beach or any other nautical activity.

What could be more embarrassing for a teenager than having her first period on a beach outing.

The special ruler swimsuit is the perfect solution to make your teenager feel good and comfortable in all circumstances.

6. No risk of leakage

Let's face it, no one wants to go through this: blood spilling out of your bathing suit into the water is a nightmare!

Don't worry, we have designed a special ruler swimsuit to avoid this kind of mishap!

In addition, we have obviously thought about your menstrual comfort, what to wear your swimsuit even outside of menstrual periods.

Our swimsuits are suitable for light and moderate flows depending on the model. If you are uncomfortable at first or have a heavy flow, you can add extra menstrual protection such as a tampon.

7. No swelling in water

And yes, despite the absorption of the absorbent layers of your jersey, you are protected from possible swelling in the crotch.

This way you keep the discreet look of your Sorio menstrual swimsuit!

The menstrual swimsuit for teenagers is essential period protection on sunny days, especially during the first period.

Frequently asked Questions

Can teens use a period swimsuit?

Absolutely !

We obviously thought about young girls and their first periods . Thus offering teenage girls the opportunity to enjoy every moment of swimming without worrying about their fluctuating menstruation .

Find our entire collection of menstrual swimsuits for teens.

Should I wear a tampon in addition to my teen menstrual swimsuit?

No !

Sorio menstrual swimsuits for teenage girls are designed to absorb light to moderate menstrual flow, the equivalent of 2 to 3 tampons.

Then you will have peace of mind for several hours.

Is the absorbent part of my teen menstrual swimsuit discreet?

Yes !

You'll be hard-pressed to notice that it's a period swimsuit.

The absorbent part of the jersey is barely visible because the layers that make it up are super thin. This ensures total comfort and discretion throughout the day.

Are period swimsuits for teenage girls healthy for their bodies?

All Sorio menstrual swimsuits for women and teenagers are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified and are guaranteed to be nanoparticle-free .

Menstrual swimsuits therefore represent a healthy alternative to the traditional tampon full of carcinogenic and toxic substances.