Are you also tired of having your period on vacation?

Ha summer, the sun ☀️, the holidays 🌴, the sound of the waves 🌊, the warm sand, you've been dreaming of it for months and there it is, in 3 days, you're going on vacation! The day of departure has finally come and who is showing up? Mother nature with her monthly gift!
That's it, you already see your dreamed-of paradise beach being swept away by the hurricane of your hormones. Bad timing or alignment of the stars, it's always like that for all women in the world. It seems like relaxation is forbidden to us.

What if we told you it wasn't serious. That you won't have to stop and buy a box of tampons from a foreign brand, but just slip a swimsuit into your suitcase .
This is the promise of menstrual swimsuits : “Relax, we take care of everything”.

The menstrual swimsuit: the solution when you have your period on vacation

What is the main problem when you get your period at the beach ? Find a place to change it. Not to mention all the inconveniences you may experience because of tampons: discomfort, string too long, leaking, etc.

With a reusable hygienic protection solution, you no longer need a trash can nearby. Unfortunately, your period panties are not suitable for going in the water. Luckily, period swimsuits have arrived . It’s a real solution to having a successful vacation . Forget the embarrassment, discomfort and leaks.

When going abroad, you may be faced with menstrual poverty . In many regions around the world such as North Africa, Asia or even South America, you may encounter difficulties in providing you with hygienic protection .
And when we're on the other side of the world, what we want above all is to enjoy and not restrict ourselves because of our periods .

Thanks to menstrual swimsuits, you can fully enjoy your vacation , whether you're visiting friends, at the pool or on a beach on the other side of the world. A menstrual swimsuit in a suitcase takes up less space in a suitcase than a box of tampons. Having your period on vacation won't be as unpleasant as before.

The wide variety of period swimwear allows women to put together great summer looks . You can wear it all day long. They are designed to absorb between 1 and 3 tampons depending on the model.
Thanks to menstrual swimsuits, regain your freedom and can finally relax with complete peace of mind.

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