How do menstrual swimsuits work?

Vacations, dry pool evenings and activities, our periods have already ruined lots of good times. Fortunately, in recent years , menstrual swimsuits have arrived! 🎉
But now, we have to get to grips with it after all these years within reach of tampons and other periodic protections that are not always reliable. We have put together the ultimate guide to menstrual swimwear to answer your questions:
  • How does a period swimsuit work?
  • What are the benefits of period swimwear?
  • How do I take care of my menstrual swimsuit?

How does a period swimsuit work?

Ok the tampon, it's easy, take it out of its pretty packaging and apply it. The cup just the same! We take it out of its protection, put it on and we are protected for the day... Well, not always. These protections work as long as they are positioned correctly, otherwise, hello discomfort and leaks.
Menstrual swimwear is easy, you put it on and you're protected! ✨
And what's more, we reveal behind the scenes of this magic trick.

Menstrual swimsuit technology:

To protect you throughout the day without discomfort and in complete safety, we had to use cutting-edge technology .
It consists of 4 layers present over the entire crotch part of the menstrual swimsuit:

  • 1st layer: is a thin, soft fabric designed to provide you with comfort throughout the day. It is also antibacterial , to protect your flora from any risk of infection.
  • 2nd layer: is a honeycomb textile that filters your blood and keeps you dry .
  • 3rd layer: captures and channels blood.
  • 4th layer: is a waterproof fabric that prevents water from seeping into your swimsuit.

Wow, that all looks thick! Oh no, all these layers are ultra-thin ! Your menstrual suit will not stand out from other swimsuits because this technology is so fine.

Are menstrual swimsuits effective?

Yes ! We know it's too good to be true, but it works! Period swimsuits only need to be put on to protect you.
And if you don't believe us, ask them . ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Who can wear a period swimsuit?

All menstruating women ! Especially all those who no longer want to worry.

You can wear a menstrual shirt from your first period until your last (the dream). Specific models even exist for young girls.

When can I wear a period swimsuit?

Whenever you want. Menstrual swimsuits are designed to absorb :

  • the rules
  • spotting
  • postpartum blood loss
  • slight urinary leakage

And of course, you can wear it whenever you want, even when you're not on your period.

Where can I wear a period swimsuit?

Everywhere ! Better than your best friend, the menstrual swimsuit is present at every sporting or wellness moment.

You can wear it to go to the SPA , hammam, sauna or swimming pool . You can also put it on the beach , for diving , beach volleyball or your best tan . And it does not stop there. You can also put it on when you swim in a lake or river (or to prevent overturning your kayak).

In short, the menstrual swimsuit goes everywhere with you.

How absorbent are period swimwear?

Menstrual swimsuits are adapted to different flows and their duration of use varies little depending on the model chosen.

But on average, a menstrual swimsuit gives you 8 hours of peace of mind and absorbs the equivalent of two or three traditional tampons. They are ideal for women with moderate menstrual flow .

What are the benefits of period swimwear?

As you will have understood, menstrual swimsuits are a real revolution.
Here are the 10 benefits of period swimwear :

  • No more tampons : Just put on your period swimsuit and jump in the water.
  • Reusable and durable : They protect you for years.
  • Healthy for your body : Goodbye carcinogenic products!
  • For women and teenagers .
  • For all styles: Explore all collections
  • Invisible : Thanks to a super fine absorption system.
  • Suitable for all places: swimming pool, beach, SPA, river, lake, etc.
  • Simple: Just wash it and put it back on.
  • Ecological : You reduce your waste
  • Goodbye to the risk of leakage!

Period swimwear makes your life so much easier. They are practical, aesthetic and ecological. Finally a lasting solution for periods.

How do I take care of my menstrual swimsuit?

Just like its operation, the maintenance of menstrual swimsuits is very easy. In just 3 steps, your swimsuit will be ready to take back the beach.
After using your brand new menstrual swimsuit, rinse it by hand with room temperature water, approximately 10-15°C. Then place it in the washing machine at 30°C , in a net with detergent. Finally, let it air dry .
Menstrual swimsuits have been studied and designed to make your life easier. Complex technology for simple use.

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