Enjoy the water freely during your period thanks to menstrual swimming panties

Imagine girls splashing around in the water, even on these not-so-nice days! With these new menstrual panties specially designed for swimming , menstrual swimsuits, it is now possible. And here are the instructions for choosing your perfect ally for the pool or the sea. From absorption to comfort, we tell you everything so that your swims are a pure moment of relaxation, without stress.

Choosing the perfect menstrual swimsuit for stress-free diving

The first step: choose the ideal period panties for swimming . We want you to feel good in your swimsuit, even during your period. So, you have to look at two things: absorption and waterproofing . These criteria are the guarantee of remaining zen throughout the day.

Here are the advantages of menstrual panties for swimming:

  1. Nothing is leaking, everything is cool!
    Period panties for swimming do the job: they absorb while preventing embarrassing surprises. Period swimsuits are truly pro equipment. They condense a set of high-performance fabrics, coupled with a waterproof layer , all to ensure a relaxed, stress-free swim. ✌️
  2. Soft materials for optimal comfort
    When choosing your menstrual swimsuit, you should look for fabrics that are non-sticky, breathable, and comfortable. Sorio's menstrual swimsuits are like little clouds. ☁️ They're comfortable whether you're sunbathing or taking the craziest dives.
  3. Sizes, styles and brands, there is a choice!
    When it comes to menstrual panties, there is everything: large, small, fitted or more chilled. But when it comes to period panties suitable for swimming, the choices are more limited. Period panty brands are just starting to develop menstrual panty models for swimming. At Sorio, you will be spoiled for choice to find your rare pearl among the models of timeless menstrual swimsuits.

Prepare yourself before swimming: your cocooning moment

To avoid hiccups, you need to prepare the ground before jumping into the water with your new menstrual panties for swimming. Here is a quick guide to being on top:

  1. Perfect fit: Make sure your menstrual swimsuit is perfect, perfectly positioned , to avoid any slippage. Take the time so that it is correctly positioned, and without creases.
  2. Test it first: First time? Try it at home first , just to get used to it before the big plunge. This will help you ensure the size is correct. If the period panties are either large and gape or if they are too tight, you may experience some inconvenience.
  3. Choose your swimsuit wisely: Opt for a swimsuit that offers you a little extra support. Good support always feels good. In addition, high-waisted models offer additional coverage and help hide slight bloating. The most important thing is that you find the menstrual swimsuit model that best suits your personality.

Care after swimming: take care of your menstrual swimsuit!

After your dive, it is essential to take care of your menstrual swimming panties so that they stay in tip-top condition:

  1. Rinse it well with cold water: This step removes residue and prepares your menstrual swimsuit for washing.
  2. Machine wash it: And yes, menstrual swimming panties are machine washable, friends! We recommend delicate washing to preserve the quality of the fabric.
  3. Avoid products that are too strong: No whiteners or other products that could damage it. Gentleness above all!

In short, these special swimming menstrual panties are your new best beach or pool friends during your period. By following our advice and taking good care of them, it's a worry-free splash in the water. We want your moments of relaxation to remain just that: relaxed, without pressure. So, get your menstrual swimsuits on, get ready, dive in! 💧

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