Which model of menstrual swimsuit should you choose when you have a heavy flow?

Periods hurt us all in small or large ways, but when you have a heavy menstrual flow , it can be worse. Heavy flow can be a hindrance for many women who end up giving up certain activities because of their periods . Especially when it comes to lounging in water, because they are too afraid of the risk of leaking . But over the years, solutions have been developed to allow women to bathe peacefully : menstrual swimsuits for heavy flows.

The test of swimming: The menstrual swimsuit meets the challenge for women with heavy flows

When discussing heavy menstrual flow, it is essential to understand the challenges women face, especially when considering relaxing in the water.

Heavy menstrual flow, also known as menorrhagia , is characterized by excessive and prolonged bleeding during the menstrual period. This phenomenon can cause a feeling of discomfort, even embarrassment, in women who suffer from it.

During their periods, women with heavy flow often dread swimming. The fear of leaks and stains dulls the pleasure and confidence of diving into the water.

Faced with this problem, menstrual swimsuits are a practical and sustainable solution . They are specially designed to contain period blood and limit leakage. Thanks to advanced textile technology and absorbent and waterproof materials, they allow women to fully enjoy their aquatic activities , without sacrificing their well-being or confidence.

Menstrual swimsuits for heavy flows: How to find the rare gem?

In the quest for a menstrual swimsuit suitable for heavy flows, several criteria must be considered to guarantee comfort, protection and durability.

  • Absorption and protection :
    Menstrual swimwear should offer optimal absorption to prevent leaks and stains , especially for heavy flows. Various brands of period swimsuits often list the absorbency of the period swimsuits in relation to a number of tampons.
  • Comfort and freedom of movement :
    Depending on the brand, menstrual swimsuits suitable for heavy flows may be thicker than models for light flow. These swimsuits are often more uncomfortable. At Sorio, we have developed the Naya model . Thanks to its ultra-thin layer technology, it can absorb the equivalent of 3 tampons , thus combining comfort and freedom of movement.
  • Durability and maintenance:
    Invest for the long term. A menstrual swimsuit if it is of good quality and well maintained can be your companion for several years. So opt for a timeless and quality model. This way, it will maintain its shape and absorption capacity wash after wash. And to make your life easier, choose machine washable and air dryable models for efficient and more durable maintenance.

Choosing the right menstrual swimsuit for heavy flow will not only improve your comfort during the menstrual period, but also allow you to fully enjoy your aquatic activities with complete confidence.

Our menstrual swimsuit models for heavy flow

Here are our Top 3 models of menstrual swimsuits most suitable for heavy flows:

  • Naya : The high-waisted menstrual swimsuit
    Featuring advanced absorption technology and a high-waisted fit , this model offers maximum safety and optimal comfort for those of us who like to move.
  • Eva : The essential menstrual swimsuit bottom
    These swimsuit bottoms are very simple , which does not prevent them from ensuring effective absorption throughout the day.
  • Stella ado : The perfect one-piece swimsuit for teenagers
    This 1-piece model designed for teenagers is made of soft and hypoallergenic materials. It ensures effective absorption while offering a second-skin feeling and a trendy design.

In short, these menstrual swimsuits offer a perfect combination of performance, comfort and style to meet the needs of all women with heavy menstrual flow. Whatever your preference, there is a model adapted to your lifestyle, to allow you to experience your period with complete peace of mind.

Period swimwear represents a modern and practical solution for women with heavy menstrual flow , allowing them to stay active and confident during their period. By investing in quality swimwear, women can fully enjoy their aquatic activities while maintaining comfort and safety, making each period day a more pleasant and stress-free experience.

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