Why do we trust menstrual swimsuits more at the drugstore?

Ah, the period swimsuit dilemma! If you're like me, you've probably hesitated between ordering your menstrual swimsuit online or going to buy it at the local pharmacy. Let's talk about it.

Why choose the pharmacy? Well, it’s simple: quality guaranteed!
Pharmacies don't joke about quality. Before finding a product on the shelves, including menstrual swimsuits, they are carefully selected. The quality is therefore largely assured.

Especially since pharmacies only sell products from serious brands. That eliminates a lot of doubts, right? We automatically give up on dubious brands on the other side of the world.

Then there's expert advice. Let's face it, it's reassuring to be able to ask a pharmacist for advice. They are health professionals, and they know what they are talking about.

And let's not forget proximity and accessibility. The local pharmacy is still there, ready to welcome us. So, if you need a swimsuit immediately, there is no question: rush to the nearest pharmacy to buy your menstrual swimsuit.

In short, buying a menstrual swimsuit in a pharmacy means choosing peace of mind. We know we're making the right choice, and that's invaluable. 🌟
But it's a little too good to think that you can go buy your new swimsuit right here, right now, in your local pharmacy.

Indeed, I don't know what time you will read this article, but if it is after 8 p.m., it will be difficult for you to get to the pharmacy.. 😅

And that's not the only problem. Although half of the products offered in pharmacies are aimed at women, it is still difficult to find menstrual panties in some. So menstrual swimsuits may not be for now...

Many small pharmacies do not have menstrual swimsuits and for the few that already offer them to their customers, the choice of brands, sizes and models can quickly become limited.

So what about on the internet?

What do we say about swimsuits purchased online? Are they all of poor quality or are there gems waiting for us?

Buying menstrual swimwear online may seem risky at first glance, but do you really have a choice? Online stores are often the only solution when you cannot buy them in pharmacies. Because you won't be able to find them in a country supermarket... But let's keep hope, in a few years, we will perhaps find this hygienic revolution everywhere. 👙

It is true that the internet is full of surprises. You will find both brands that want to change things for women, as well as much less scrupulous “brands” that play games with you… So let’s demystify this to find out how to choose your menstrual swimsuit on the internet with complete confidence.

When you go to a site that offers period swimsuits, first find out about the brand that sells them. If it is present on other well-known sites in France, such as Décathlon , this means that it is a real brand that you can trust.

Likewise, if the site does not have customer reviews under the products, run away! Okay, we're more likely to say when things aren't going well... So let's be lenient, but a site with no reviews on any product or only flattering reviews should ring a bell.

What if we talked about the advantages of real online menstrual swimwear stores?

Brands specializing in menstrual swimwear offer a wide variety of designs, colors and sizes. So you can easily find a jersey that exactly suits your tastes and needs.

Often, online prices are more attractive. Promotions, promotional codes and sales present almost all year round make your online purchases much more advantageous than those you could make in pharmacies, often at full price. 💸

And thanks to the choice, availability of sizes and brands, you will inevitably find your menstrual swimsuit for this summer.

In conclusion, buying a menstrual swimsuit online or in a pharmacy is not at all the same! But due to lack of recognition, menstrual swimsuits are not yet available in all pharmacies in France.

But fortunately, at Sorio, we are trying to change that! Little by little, we arrive in a few pharmacies in France (yes, this is our first menstrual swimsuit in a pharmacy on the article sticker, we are so proud). But while you wait for us to arrive at the pharmacy near you, you can order our menstrual swimsuits 👉 here 👈

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