Can menstrual swimsuits revolutionize your swimming?

For several years, menstrual panties have invaded the market, offering women durable and healthy hygienic protection. This alternative frees women from the economic and ecological constraints imposed on them by disposable protection. Without even mentioning the risks that these protections pose to their health.

To support this drive for female freedom, we decided to launch a menstrual swimsuit brand to take over from menstrual panties when swimming . So, let us show you how period swimwear can revolutionize your summer and all your swimming.

Menstrual swimsuits, can you bathe in them with complete confidence?

When you change your lifestyle habits, it can be complicated or difficult. You know what you are leaving, but you know nothing of what awaits you. Is it better or worse? Is it more or less reliable? Will I be able to get by financially? You are not the first to ask yourself all these questions. And it is to answer this that we have written this article.

To answer the question: “ Can you swim in a menstrual swimsuit with complete confidence?”, yes.
Menstrual swimwear lets you bathe with confidence. They are discreet, reliable and comfortable, accessible to all wallets and above all, they are environmentally friendly.

Bathe with complete peace of mind

Sorio menstrual swimsuits are designed to free you from all constraints.
The absorption technology our period swimsuits feature is super fine. Result, no feeling of diaper or discomfort. The absorption area remains fine and comfortable throughout the day.

But how does it hold your blood when you bathe with it?

Blood is held between the various layers that make up the absorption zone. It is catalyzed in the heart of your menstrual swimsuit and a layer of waterproof fabric forms a barrier between the water and your period. Thanks to this process, water and blood do not come into contact.
This technology is revolutionary, because you will be able to move, jump, swim, sunbathe, etc., without ever risking leaks .

Give the planet a long life

The main problem with disposable periodic protection lies in the “disposability”. If you think about it, how many days do you have your period each year? And how many times have you used tampons to be able to bathe despite your period. The answer is the same for everyone, a good package.

These tampons are far from being ecological . Often presented in a cardboard box, then wrapped in plastic, or even with a plastic or laminated cardboard applicator and finally a tampon, often made of treated cotton. Each time you go to the toilet, you change your tampon and the latter is not recyclable , just like its applicator, its plastic packaging, just like its box.
Ultimately, this creates a mountain of waste , from their polluting manufacturing to their use. But you need to continue to protect yourself during your menstrual period, because no one wants to see a trail of blood behind them when they swim.

To offer women a sustainable and ecological solution , we have chosen to create reliable and durable menstrual swimsuits . Thanks to Sorio menstrual swimsuits, you will significantly reduce your waste, while remaining protected. Thus, each woman now has the choice to follow her ecological convictions .

Where can you find trendy and timeless swimsuit models for swimming all year round?

Little by little, like menstrual panties, more and more women are looking for alternatives and many brands are trying to respond. But it takes time.
That's why at Sorio we only dedicate ourselves to menstrual swimwear. So, we all use our time to design and design unique and timeless menstrual swimsuit models. From the classic bikini bottom to the elegant one-piece model, we design models for all women, for all body types and even for teenagers.

How much does a menstrual swimsuit cost?

There are menstrual swimsuits at all price points , but as with everything, the lowest prices often reflect poor quality and the exorbitant prices reflect the cost of a brand more than its quality.

At Sorio we have decided on a fair price for our entire swimwear range. Our menstrual swimsuits are sold between €30 and €60. The price of our swimsuits allows us to remunerate all of our partners fairly and guarantees you a high-quality swimsuit. So everyone wins.

Menstrual swimsuits are revolutionizing swimming by liberating women's bodies and movement. Women no longer have to stay behind because of their periods. Now they're taking to the water and you can join them there with Sorio menstrual swimsuits.

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