Can you go to the spa during your period?

Periods are often synonymous with cramps, fatigue and mood swings. But did you know that the spa can be your ally during this delicate period?

In addition to offering you a well-deserved moment of relaxation, the body treatments, sauna and hammam provide numerous benefits to your body, thus relieving your condition.

Why go to the spa when you have your period?

Menstruation should not be an obstacle to taking care of your body. On the contrary, it is often during this period that the need for relaxation and relief is greatest.

But what treatments can effectively relieve your body? We have made a small selection of spa treatments for you to relieve your period-related pain .

Relax during your period with a massage at the spa

Spas offer a wide range of body treatments, and it is sometimes difficult to find your way around. Here are some massages that can relieve you depending on your pain.

Symptoms Massage Average massage duration
Headaches and acne Facial massage

30 mins

Heavy legs Leg massage 30 mins
Lower back pain Back massage 45 mins
Feeling tired Energy massage 1 hour

Facial massage to relieve headaches and migraines during your period

If you are prone to recurring headaches or migraines during your period , know that this is completely normal. Due to hormonal fluctuations, you may be prone to headaches even a few days before your period. This is due to a drop in estrogen.

A facial treatment will allow you to deeply relax the muscles of your face and thus reduce or even eliminate headaches. In addition to its relaxing effects, facial massage will improve the quality of your skin, which is damaged by hormones. So, if you have acne breakouts during your menstrual period, going to the spa is ideal.

A leg massage to stimulate your blood circulation

During their periods , many women suffer from a feeling of heavy legs . During this period, the blood vessels can dilate, so the blood “stagnates” in the lower part of the legs.

To get rid of this feeling of heavy legs, you can use support stockings or soothing creams daily or go to the spa to enjoy a toning leg massage . It will deeply stimulate your muscles to effectively restart your blood circulation.

Eliminate your lower back pain with a targeted massage

Of all the pains felt by women during their periods , low back pain (muscle pain in the lower back) is the most common. It is explained by inflammation of the muscles due to fluctuations in hormones.

If you suffer from it, drink plenty of water every day to limit dehydration of your muscles. You can also go to a spa to get a full back massage. It will relax your muscles while relaxing your entire body.

Beforehand, ask your practitioner if he or she can incorporate essential oils into the massage to accentuate this feeling of relaxation.

An energetic massage to revitalize your body

The menstrual period is particularly difficult for your body and your morale. Between hormonal fluctuations, numerous pains and the stress caused by your period, your body is put to the test.

To help you cope with this period and boost your morale, book yourself an hour of energy treatment in a spa or with a sophrologist. This type of treatment will allow you to reconnect with the energy of your body and your thoughts. Following an energy massage, you will feel soothed. You will also feel a power throughout your body that will allow you to face your menstrual period more easily.

Taking advantage of a spa treatment during menstruation allows women to deeply relieve the various pains or discomfort caused. Finally a good excuse to treat yourself or be offered a trip to the spa.

In addition to treatments, spas often offer their customers access to a free sauna and or hammam.

Relax during your period in the sauna and steam room

Apart from massages, spas offer facilities such as sauna and steam room , which will help you relieve menstrual pain.

The heat of the sauna relaxes muscles and soothes menstrual cramps. Spending time in the sauna can also help flush out toxins from the body and boost the immune system.

Likewise, the hammam offers an experience of deep relaxation, promoting muscle relaxation and decongestion. So why deprive yourself of it?

How to go to the spa when you have your period?

To fully enjoy the spa experience during your period , it is important to be well protected. To completely relax and have peace of mind, you need reliable hygienic protection.

To take advantage of all the services offered by the spas, remember to bring a menstrual swimsuit . This new alternative to disposable hygienic protection offers long-lasting protection. In addition, it is perfectly suited to the sauna and hammam. Opt for menstrual swimsuit bottoms , so you can wear them throughout your spa session.

All of the services offered by the spa can help you relieve your menstrual pain in addition to offering you an unparalleled moment of relaxation. So ready to fully enjoy the spa during your period ?

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