Menstrual swimsuit: the essential accessory for traveling to countries where sanitary protection is difficult to access

Don't forget your menstrual suit in the suitcase

Traveling abroad is an opportunity to discover new horizons and enjoy enriching experiences. However, for women traveling to countries where access to sanitary protection is complicated, this can be a source of stress and discomfort. Fortunately, there is a practical and ecological solution to avoid the inconveniences linked to periods during the holidays: the menstrual swimsuit .

The advantages of the menstrual swimsuit:

The menstrual swimsuit is an ecological and practical alternative to traditional sanitary protection. Unlike tampons or sanitary napkins, there is no need to change them frequently and there is no risk of leaks.

Sorio develops discreet menstrual swimwear that looks a lot like a classic swimsuit. So you can wear your menstrual shirt all day long, even during your period. Sorio swimsuits offer you up to 8 hours of protection, allowing you to enjoy your day of vacation in peace.

The benefits of menstrual swimwear for travel:

When a woman is traveling to a country where access to sanitary protection is complicated, a menstrual swimsuit can be a real godsend. It does not take up space in the suitcase, it is light, it can be worn like a classic swimsuit and above all it saves you from using tampons while swimming.

Without forgetting that it saves you from having to find reliable protection in unknown places, when we know that in certain countries access to menstrual products is complicated, remember to take your menstrual swimsuit with you, when traveling, is a considerable advantage.

How to choose the right menstrual swimsuit:

The first thing is to know your flow. Period swimsuits are suitable for light to moderate flow. For heavy flows, it is recommended to use an additional tampon.

Then you have the choice of the shape of your jersey. The Sorio brand offers several types of menstrual swimsuits, such as the Lola one-piece swimsuit, the Eva bikini bottom or the Nina seamless menstrual swimsuit.

When you choose a menstrual suit, you should already feel comfortable in it. Your menstrual comfort is at the heart of concerns at Sorio. That's why our period swimwear combines comfort and absorption, the goal being to enjoy your day without having to worry about your period.

Obviously, the size criterion is important, with Sorio, you have a choice, from size XXS to size XXL. Enough to find happiness easily.

Travel yes but never without my menstrual suit!

You have understood, the menstrual swimsuit is a practical, healthy and ecological alternative to traditional hygienic protection. For women who travel to countries where access to sanitary protection is complicated, it is a real asset to avoid the inconvenience linked to periods. By choosing the Sorio menstrual swimsuit, women and teenagers can fully enjoy their trip without having to worry about their menstrual hygiene.

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