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collection bas de maillot menstruels Sorio

Collection: Why choose Sorio menstrual swimsuit bottoms?

Sorio menstrual swimsuit bottoms are designed for women, but also for teenage girls, because periods affect us all. Don't give up moments of joy and happiness because of your period.

Sorio, a committed menstrual swimsuit brand

Here is one of the reasons why you should choose Sorio: Its commitment to nature .

It's no coincidence that Sorio focuses on designing period swimwear. This is because we are committed to allowing women to fully enjoy aquatic spaces. And in this approach we are committed to preserving the oceans and the planet.

We support two associations. We donate 1% of our turnover to the first association 1% For the planet, which then donates the amounts collected to various environmental support associations.
The second charity we support is Coral Guardian . This association carries out actions to safeguard the various species of corals.

By choosing Sorio, you are choosing to support a committed brand with real convictions.

Your menstrual swimsuit bottom demonstrates incredible technology

Did you know that your menstrual swimsuit bottoms are made up of 4 layers.

Made from OEKO-TEX standard 100 certified fabrics , the layers of menstrual swimsuit bottoms are composed of:
- A soft and antibacterial layer
- A breathable layer that keeps you dry
- An absorbent layer
- A waterproof layer preventing water from seeping through.

Thanks to this technology, your menstrual swimsuit bottoms will offer you security and peace of mind throughout the day. Forget the risk of leaking, thanks to these discreet swimsuit bottoms that won't swell during your relaxing day.

Your menstrual swimsuit bottom, healthy hygienic protection for your body.

Say goodbye to the hassle of tampons at the beach or swimming and offer your body a healthy alternative.

You are aware that most disposable sanitary protection poses risks to your health because they contain endocrine disruptors. In addition, the costs of purchasing disposable sanitary protection are colossal when taken together. And finally, disposable protections do not represent a sustainable solution for the environment.

Menstrual swimsuit bottoms are here to offer you a healthy alternative for your health . Free yourself from traditional protections that are harmful to your body and finally live all the experiences you want in complete safety and serenity.

A great style

Our collection is composed exclusively of black menstrual swimsuit bottoms to allow you to create your most beautiful mix and match sets.

Thanks to Sorio swimsuits, you can look stunning and serene. Because you don't have to give up your style because of your period.

The Sorio swimsuit bottom collection includes different models. We have a crush on the Naya model and its vintage look. This model of menstrual swimsuit bottoms is high-waisted, allowing you to peacefully experience all the hassles linked to your period such as bloating. But we'll let you discover all the models of menstrual swimsuit bottoms and choose the one that suits you.

Thanks to Sorio menstrual swimsuit bottoms, you will enjoy enjoying your period at the beach and swimming.

Frequently asked Questions

Are menstrual swimsuit bottoms really effective?

Yes !

With an absorption capacity of 2 to 3 tampons , menstrual swimsuit bottoms provide you with 8 hours of peace of mind .

You can confidently alternate between a moment of relaxation on the beach and a moment of play in the waves without worrying about your period.

Are menstrual swimsuit bottoms discreet protection?

The absorption system of your menstrual swimsuit bottoms is designed to be as thin and discreet as possible .

You will be able to peacefully enjoy your summer without worrying about anyone noticing that you are unwell.

What should I do with my menstrual swimsuit bottoms after wearing them?

Sent it to the wash.

After a day at the beach or a swimming session at the pool, gently rinse your menstrual swimsuit bottoms then put them in the washing machine at 30°C . Nothing's easier !